Tamegonit Lodge of the Order of the Arrow

Welcome to the official Tamegonit Lodge Website! There are many resources and tools available on this website that will assist you in learning more about Tamegonit Lodge. If you see a link in the text you are reading, feel free to click on it. You may discover something new about your lodge. The greatest source of improvement in Tamegonit Lodge is you, and we strongly encourage you to get involved. If you would like to get more involved, contact a member of the Key 3.

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Virtual Unit Elections

Don't postpone your unit elections...go virtual with them! Tamegonit Lodge is proud to bring you Virtual Unit Elections this spring. Simply complete the form below and our Lodge leadership will schedule a consult time to get you up and running. We'll even join you live via webinar and walk you through your unit election without leaving home. Make your reservation today!

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